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white cocktail dress different for men and women

In some receptions, in order to match the day to drink wine, white liquor, for example whiskey and white wine, this time wearing a white cocktail dress is more appropriate than wearing black or other colors.

White cocktail dresses for women

Dresses for women is divided into long and short, in color is more fancy. White dresses for women are generally short, of course, this short dresses are mainly like package hips short dresses. This can show the yellow skin of eastern female, at this time if wearing white pearl necklace is making a great match. And try to choose stud earrings instead earrings, earrings seemed more wild, we use diamond stud earrings to show eastern women tactful side. Therefore, try to choose a diamond stud earrings and pearl necklace. Long white cocktail dress is not very common, but it should say something that must take the hair and clothes combined together to make them look more appropriate. This will be relatively decent.

High Low White Organza Sweetheart Appliqued Empire Waist Cocktail Dress

White dress for men

This time we will talk about a man's white dress. Men's white cocktail dress is actually a white suit, of course, not the kind of dovetail very formal suit, the suit can be ordinary, but this does not mean that leisure suit it. Or some of the more formal white suit. Then tie are generally black, or red, blue are possible. Be sure to choose white pants pants suit best with the same color. There are two options for shoes is one is black, one is white, but white will be more then decent number.

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