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Installation of wall sconces


There are many ways of installing Tiffany Style wall sconces, when the position is placed, almost could be fixed by wall sconces, we always make the hole methods, we could fix the wall sconces in the wall.

Construction adhesive
There are many methods of construction adhesive, the most of methods could be the largest. We could use the brush on the surface of the surface, this is the most convenient and methods. That could be used in signal and wholesale production.

As for the low viscosity adhesive, we could choose to adhesive with ordinary spray gun. For those active period is short, difficult to clean high-viscosity adhesives can be used in the reinforced plastics industry system from Bert gun. Advantage of the spraying is very steady with high effective, the disadvantage of the method is glue, solvent lost in air pollution.

Tiffany Style wall sconces

Gravity method
We could adopt with rain automatic device. That is convenient for the plain department, which could be used for wholesale production. In order not to nozzle, so we have to be with proper smooth.

Roll coating method
We could dig the lower half of the rubber roller immersed in glue, the upper half exposed directly or indirectly in contact with the working surface by printing roller, the rotation of the glue-coated surface of the adhesive rubber roller driven through the work piece and the like. To achieve different coating effects, Cots wheat flour can open a different grooves and patterns can also be used to change the rubber roller pressure or control the amount of adhesive with a scraper.

Scratch the object
As for the high viscosity colloidal, we could take advantage of sheet and gumming. When we make the material, we could use flexible plate.

Other coating process
Such as dipping coating process, dispensing method and so on.

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Choice of bedside lamps and desk lamps


Nowadays design of house is different from rectangular style, we always choose special shaped room to make the decoration. And some people would change the area and shape of the room by designing the room layout. So when we choose the chandeliers, we had better notice the shape of the bedroom, and get the same style chandeliers with the bedroom in shape and style.

Best Desk Lamp

We had better choose the adjustable Best Desk Lamp, even we are reading books, that could not influence others. Material of shade could be soft, even the crystal or glass table lamps are very pretty, then the too bright light is bad for our eyes when reading, we had better choose scrub glass, shell and fabric shade lamps, that could make the light soft. If the lamps are too high, let the light scattered from the 45 degree tilt down, that is more proper for reading books.

Lighting could be important in our life, if the room is without the light, that is not called home. As for the lighting in the room, we had better care more about the lighting condition for the house.

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